Trust Him, Isaiah 40:31

“But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

(Isaiah 40:31)

I go to bed around 1/2am most nights and get up no later than 6.30am…every morning…not excluding the weekend! I know tired very intimately. Further, I’ve noted a number of times where there are opportunities to discuss my faith or do something a little bit out there, when I’m feeling knackered (in all fairness not many others are up at 7am when I’m full of beans for Jesus). When I’m a bit irritated or just running low on energy opportunities always seem to pop up. In these moments were I only dependent on myself things would probably snowball from here. But they don’t.

Because I learnt one of the simplest but hardest lessons from the Bible: “trust in The Lord”. For some of us we want to understand things and control them, consciously or otherwise, it can feel really hard to let go of thinking like that. The New King James bible translates Isaiah 40:31 as “those that wait on The Lord”. In both verses then there is the conscious emphasis on the boundless possibilities we can achieve through trusting; through asking in faith and seeing the fruits; through placing our confidence in God’s providence.

Like the imagery of the ever-renewing spring, depending on God brings about continual revival and renewal in us. We can “soar high” like eagles and “run and not grow weary”. When’s the last time you watched a nature show and thought “that bird of prey looks a bit bleary eyed”? Or saw the professional athletes in the 200m look like they were just popping out to the shop, not a few paces from death’s door? Pause your tv at the moment athletes cross the finish line…you know what I mean…you’ve seen those facial expressions. To soar like an eagle, just as to run and not grow weary is powerful imagery when we actually consider it. God isn’t saying He’ll be your inhaler when you inevitably need to stop and fight off cramp/an asthma attack because you’re unfit/asthmatic/both, but that He will sustain you always if you just trust in Him.

Sometimes the world can feel really on top of us. This can strike us off guard or we can have been feeling like this for a long time. Close family and friends may be completely unaware but God is not. “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength”. When you can’t cope alone, when loneliness and despair have taken you, the renewing power of The Lord your God will give you new strength to face and conquer those feelings.

So when I have to drag my crusty eyed self to that bathroom I remind myself that I am not self-reliant, but fully, joyfully, dependent on my Father. Likewise, in those situations where I feel I just don’t have the energy or capability to talk with a person, I call on the Holy Spirit. I sit Him down and tell Him “Lord I am not up to this, this person is antagonistic, I don’t have the patience today. But that doesn’t matter because in all things I am reliant on your Holy Spirit, alone I can’t do this, it is plain unfeasible. But work through me Lord”. I know I need not word things perfectly because when I consciously ask the Spirit for help He gives it tenfold, in such situations He has definitely been the sole reason for successes in my experience.

Trust in The Lord. When you feel fear or anxiety He will take it from you. When all logic ought to point to your exhaustion you’ll be shakkin out and singing to praise and worship (this may just be me but I doubt it). As fallible creatures we can’t always run on 100%, but we don’t have to. We have someone doing that for us.

He is enough, He is everything, praise The Lord!

God bless and keep you always x


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